So, I'm on my own again. Not exactly, but it feels like that when Doyler is more than a city away. Our older brother has called him back to London, something to do a shit storm he found himself in the centre of when he went off touring with Charlie and her dumb-fuck boyfriend. He may only be gone a few days, maybe the rest of the week, either way it's left me bored and alone.

The boy James appears to be defrosting, maybe he's forgiven me for running out on him and leaving him with Laura for a couple of months. I've not asked him if her appetite stretched to running her hands over his body yet? Not sure I want to know given the circumstances. The idea of the object of my lust and her may drive me out one more time. I don't know what the difference between me fucking her and him fucking her really is, I've never seen him with a hard-on with anyone other than me so maybe he couldn't manage it. Maybe he's just into cock. Fuck! So am I and I still manage to get it hard enough to slip her when I have to. Just because I can doesn't mean I should right? I dunno.

Edie has been gone for a couple of days too, some gig in some armpit working mans club in the Borders where the laughter comes out of fear of discovery. So until she gets back I either have no one to talk to or no one who will talk to me. I must be real charming fucker huh?


Found this the other day and wanted to include it beacause a) it's funny and b) it's true, but I knew Doyler would veto it so I'm doing it while he's away. If it alienates anyone who reads this piece of shit of blog then fuck you, I don't want you here anyway.

Starting out as an extra in Nickelodeon show "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" Austin Butler has quickly moved through the ranks at Nick to a lead role in "Zoey 101," replacing Sean Flynn as Jamie Lynn Spears love interest.

Born in Anaheim, California on the 17th of August 1991, 17year-old Austin had been on "Zoey 101" before in a guest spot but was more than happy to return. "I thought coming into the show so late would make me somewhat of an outsider, but everyone was so nice, and the cast was so welcoming, that I felt right at home. I had such a great time with everyone on set."

Having only been involved with acting since 2005 his filmography is till in it's infancy, mostly playing the hot teen boy who gets the girl on numerous shows for Nickelodeon including "Hannah Montanna" and "iCarly." He does, however, have a new film in the pipeline with 20th Century Fox "They Came from Upstairs." Probably best left to Autin to describe: "It is a movie about a group of kids who defend their summer house, and the world, against aliens, while keeping it all a secret from their parents." Sounds like an award winner huh? But then with looks like Austins who needs Oscars.