This is the last of the post from the old blog that I'm just gonna copy and paste over here, I'll start fresh next time or else Doyler'll kick my arse. I'm back at the hostel now so we'll leave what happened inbetween for a more approriate time, we'll get there...

When I cracked open my eyes this afternoon it was quarter past 5. The half winter light trying to break from behind the curtains. Laura had already climbed over me in my sleep, her coat was still on the floor by the door so she was around somewhere. The boy James still asleep on the cot. I seemed to have slept through the worst of the hangover, just the dry taste of vomit in my mouth and the dull thud behind my eyes remained.

I hauled on a pair of jeans, leaving my t-shirt on the floor and trudged out of the red room and into the hall. Edie sitting on the wooden chair by the balcony still in her dressing gown, blowing smoke out of the window. The two of us have an understanding. We don't talk until later, until the two of us are capable of speech. I sat at the table across from her, grabbed her packet of Richmond and helped myself to a cigarette. She passed me a half smile and a wink, i responded likewise. After a moment she threw her cigarette butt out of the window and pushed what was left in the packet across the table to me before walking back into her room.

And this is how most days start.

Laura padded back from through the front door, a blue towel wrapped around her, leaving little puddles behind her. As quickly as passed by me and into the red room James stepped out, nodded his head to me, grunted and headed downstairs to the shower block.

I weighed up the options as I finished the cigarette. I could've gone back into my room, fucked Laura and guaranteed my rent paid for the next week or I could've headed down the stairs and jerked off with James in the showers. Truth is I couldn't've done either. When hungover I'm soft for the long haul. So I just sat and chained another of Edies smokes.

Then the memories from last night started to kick in bit by bit. Tequila and speed at Doylers before I headed over to Haymarket and let the Austrian boy blow me for a eighth of his Morrocan... The next thing I remember is sitting on the curb at the top of Leith Walk. All the gay guys and their hags trying to squeeze into Habbana and CC Blooms. Both are dives but Edinburgh falls a little short on the gay scene. The Emo kid! Shit! This cute as fuck dark haired lad in skinny black jeans and a too small Akira T-shirt that flashed his tight little stomache when he raised his arms. I gave him a couple of joints worth of the Morrocan and he gave me his number but it's not in my jeans anymore. I must've turfed it out somewhere absent mindedly. I just about remember hooking up with Mark and Warren, sharing a cab back to theirs and watching a porno while we smoked the rest of the hash and drank Jack Daniels. They started getting into it and began fucking on the couch next to me. I watched them for a while before I realised it was getting light outside and headed back to hostel.

I don't remember how I got back, or what time. Laura was asleep and James was sitting reading. I think we talked for a while. Maybe not, we don't really have that much to say to each other. Crawling into bed, I let Laura cuddle up into me as the Poles in the Yellow room began moving about.

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