Ma Vie (variously known as Ma VraisVie a Rouen or My Life on Ice) focuses on the story of 16 year-old Etienne (Jimmy Tavares), who living alone with his single mother (Ariane Ascaride) charts a rather turbulent year with his video camera. The year is spent charting conversations with bestfriend Ludovic (Lucas Bonnifait), Etienne's training as an ice skater and his almost stalker like obsession with his Geography teacher (with whom initial plans seem to be to set up with his mother.)

As a charming, heart on it's sleeve, emotional rollercoaster Ma Vie achieves exactly what it sets out to do. Tavares is a handsome and charming lead, characteristics required when some of his actions with the camera stray closer to uncomfortable obsession than video diary nonsense. His handheld Sony camcorder lingers a little too long for comfort in the changing rooms or over his mothers new boyfriends face but we follow that perhaps he is less aware of what he is doing than those he spies on.

This isn't really a "Coming Out" film but more a "Coming to terms" film, Etiennes discovery of his desires is a slow process for him and one that isn't helped by his best friends unwillingness to broach anything close to the subject, instead trying to get him with girls he dscribes as easy. Etienne however finds his feelings difficult to contain however and it leads on to an uneasy and emotional ending.

While the technique of filming the whole movie through a camcorder grows tiresome in places it is pulled into place courtesousy of some fantastic performances. Tavares in particular (in his only role to date) is an affecting and engaging actor and Ariane Ascaride as his put upon but never less than loving mother offers a wonderful emotional anchor for the whole film.

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