Title: Chicken
Director: Barry Dignam
Starring: Darren Healey
-------------Niall O'Shea
Running Time: 2 mins 53 secs
English Dialogue

Two Irish teen lads Mick and Kev are wasting time by the shore, throwing rocks at empty cans and drinking cider. When one engages the the other in a game of mumbly peg, as a train approaches the real reason for Micks pushiness may yet be revealed.

As metaphor goes, the game of chicken can be over used. In Dignams' short however that very game is what drives the characters urges. Mick may aswell be daring Kev to kiss him. This brief short, sharply focusing on a single moment of revelation for both boys is a tight and strong piece.

Chicken - Short Film
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Anonymous said...

A very touching clip. I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

burn !