Title: Different
Director: Tyrrell Shaffner
Starring: Ben Hogestyn
-------------Emily Stiles
-------------Scott Lembke
Time: 10 mins 41 secs
English Dialogue

In this parallel universe where gay is the norm, Homecoming is rearing its ugly head and Justin needs a date. Lucky for him that Bobby, the most popular guy in the whole school has set his sights on our hero. The only thing is that our hero isn't like all the other kids at his school. Justin is straight.

In this endearing, light hearted take on the perils of being different at school, the roles have been reversed. Shaffners short feels like part of a larger movie, the only thing that sets the film apart from other teen comedies is that it is challenging that which we see as normal. A socio-political comment or dreamy wish fulfilment short? That's for the viewer to decide.

Different - Gay Themed Short Film
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