Romeo (formerly Lil Romeo) was born Percy Miller Jr in 1989. As the son of legendary Master P. it was probably unquestionable that he would do anything else but go into the entertainment business.

His career as a rapper started in 2001 with the self titled album "Lil' Romeo" and it was from that album that he released the song "My Baby." The song charted at number 1 in the US charts and made him the youngest performer ever to achieve this feat, squashing Michael Jackson's record at the same time. Two more albums followed but negative reviews and a saturated market slowed things down for him. But with his sixth album "High School Romance" out this year he could be about to change that.

He has also featured in Movies "Max Keebles Big Move" to this years "Internet Dating" as well as having appeared in numerous Nickelodeon shows.

As a Basketball player, he plays point guard for USC where he studies and has a glittering career lined up for him as an athlete if he so chooses, hoping to play for The Trojans. That combined with his P.Miller clothing line he's the closest thing to a Renaissance man as you're likely to see.

Last year in November he became an unlikely hero to the gay community as well by speaking out against Ja Rule who had a homophobic rant not untypical of Hip Hop stars. Slamming Ja Rule as "ignorant" he went on to say "It was ignorant of him to say. Gays are everywhere in the industry and society in general. That’s not changing. So why shouldn’t they get to be on TV and in the movies like everybody else?! He can’t really believe that none of the peeps who bought his records were gay, and I bet that he wouldn’t give any of ‘em a refund."

Like most civilized people Romeo believes that it's character that counts in everyone regardless of their sexuality. "It doesn’t matter. I’m cool with everybody who is cool with me. So long as you’re not hurting nobody, I’m not gonna hate on peeps for who they are. I have a few friends who are gay and why not? They alright with me."


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