Title: Summer
Director: Hong Khaou

Starring: Jay Brown
------------ Peter Peralta
Running Time: 9 mins 11 secs
English Language

Two friends, roam the woods of Hampstead Heath on a project for school. As the walk they talk, and boys being boys talking leads to bragging, sexual exploits are embellished and the rough housing begins but with the bravado a little too much truth is revealed.

Hong Khaou's short is a tender, tough and identifiable film. So easily relatable is the story that it may cut a little close to home for some. Growing up gay has never been easy but as long as you've got friends...

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Jester said...

The last line in the film is just too sad to think about. i know there are many out there who that line will ring true for.


Doyler said...

I couldn't agree with you more

Lee Richards said...

Great little short. That last line, so few words, but such a powerful and heartbreaking statement.